HEAC had a finite lifespan. Despite this, we wanted the project to exist beyond HEAC’s own “sell-by” date. We saw the value in sharing best practices and learning experiences, showcasing the work of the HEAC Youth Ambassadors, and creating a learning platform for others to transform local markets. We also wanted to reinvent the conventional public health “toolkit.” Traditionally these toolkits are pdfs that end up on the digital or actual shelf and leave no room for a fun, interactive learning experience. We created an innovative, dynamic, media-rich spin on the conventional online toolkit that reflected the work, values, and intentions of Public Matters, HEAC, and TAS students. Check it out at MARKETMAKEOVERS.ORG.


  • A dynamic, user-friendly online resource about the process of making over small corner stores to carry healthier food choices in areas that are “food deserts” or “food swamps.”
  • Designed to serve a national community of public health practitioners, advocates, community activists, educators and policymakers. It features the work of HEAC Youth, Public Matters and the South HEAC Initiative using the conversions of two corner stores in South LA as case studies.
  • A combination of pragmatic information and creative, innovative strategiesin multiple presentation formats: downloadable, user-friendly how-to’s of Market Makeovers as well as innovative youth-generated videos that provide context about the South LA food desert – its history, consequences and documentation of efforts to alleviate it.
  • A repository of information, best practices and lessons learned; a forum for exchange; and a springboard for advancing work in this burgeoning field. It’s a comprehensive, educational source that provides a framework for practitioners and community groups to undertake Market Makeovers in their own neighborhoods.

The site is a combination of pragmatic information and creative, innovative strategies and presentation formats. Downloadable, practical, user-friendly tips and step-by-step how-to’s are available on the nuts and bolts of Market Makeovers. Innovative youth-generated webisodes and videos provide context about the history, consequences and documentation of efforts to improve South LA’s food desert.

MARKETMAKEOVERS.ORG features 3 channels worth of content:

N3: Neighborhood Network News

YUMTV: “Real Food for Thought”

MMTV: Market Makeover TV