PDUB Productions // HyperCities


UCLA HyperCities is an award-winning interactive web-based research platform and collaborative authoring environment for mapping the cultural, architectural and urban history of cities. HyperCities’ Historic Filipinotown content consists of over 90 videos created by PDUB Productions, historic photos, narrative stories, GIS data, and maps about Filipino immigration and settlements in Los Angeles. These video histories and content created by PDUB Youth exist side-by-side with five decades of census and demographic data, rendered as GIS maps. Students and scholars can explore Hi Fi through both qualitative stories and quantitative data. PDUB-generated media was the research platform’s most in-depth exploration of a single LA community.

A microcosm of LA, HyperCities’ PDUB content speaks about relationships, history, and tells endless stories of displacement, location, and relocation—mapping the dynamics of power. It traces LA’s evolution over time and space; the push and pull that shape neighborhoods and communities; the dynamics that define and endear us to neighborhoods.


HyperCities, including the work with PDUB, was a MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning award recipient. Still used as a teaching tool for UCLA students today, the partnership with HyperCities extends PDUB’s visibility and distribution far beyond Hi Fi’s physical boundaries. It’s cutting-edge web-based platform allows users to access the youth-generated content in a geo-temporal context, alongside academic scholarship and other user-generated content.

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