The Truth About Flavor // “Myth-Buster” Videos


With so many misconceptions around flavored cigarillos, the natural fit for taking on challenging preconceived notions was the “Myth-Buster” style, which had popular appeal and could speak to broad audiences.

To create the videos, CHAS students were asked to identify the most important myths contributing to teen use of flavored cigarillos. The resulting ideas became the foundation for each of the five videos, two in Spanish and three in English. They covered the topics of:



The students built props, directed, and acted in the videos, working in production teams that captured each myth in different locations around the neighborhood. The goal of these videos was to empower students as creative, local experts, and to create playful, informative media pieces that could be eye-catching and relatable to broader audiences.


All the videos are easily accessed through multiple websites: they are available below; through a Public Matters Vimeo album; and the Freewaves Out The Window archive, as a result of the project’s partnership with LONG LIVE LA 2015.

We are always looking to further the reach and impact of our work.


Should you want to use these videos or other media, please get in touch.